Employee Engagement

The Align Us set of tools empowers teams to collaborate more effectively, keeping your members connected, engaged and organized without logging into multiple systems.

Align Us believes that engagement is the natural state of your people and it’s a few simple pitfalls that create disengagement. In other words, your people likely started with your organization pumped-up and ready to join your cause! So, if you’re feeling that your people are not all going in the same direction, a few simple tool changes can be the solution. Here’s how Align Us can help.

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All-In-One Toolset

Having everything in one spot is such a simple concept! Why is this important? Consider the opposite where members of a team use Google Docs™, Microsoft Word™, Trello™, Asana™, and Slack™. When one team member starts a project plan in Word™, tells everyone to put updates in a shared folder and then sees another team member using Google Docs™, how does that make them feel? It probably makes them feel like they are not “in-the-know” and that some alternate (secret) plan is being executed on. That immediately disengages the team because now, they have a trust problem… Get everyone on the same page by getting them all in the same easy-to-use system–Align Us!

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Strategic Alignment

Have you ever been working on an assigned task, but unsure exactly WHY you are doing it? Sometimes we do the job that the boss tells us to do. Wouldn’t it be better if projects had a set of prioritized goals with tasks and dates clearly assigned? With Align Us, tasks are part of a defined project, which is derived from a set of strategic initiatives established by the managers. Projects are guided by the philosophical values of the organization’s leaders. Team members will know the "why," the "when," the "who," ensuring workflow continuity and goal achievement. The idea is to have all of the employees on the same "wave of why."

Manager Engagement

We usually don’t discuss employee engagement without managers. So, let’s call this Manager Engagement. Manager Engagement, however, does not mean more meetings. Part of a manager's responsibility is to strive for a positive culture in the organization. However, the culture itself is created by engaged team members. With so many different projects, meetings, agendas, and apps, teams need a single, easy-to-access system to keep focused on daily progress.

The simplest way to engage with your employees is to give them prioritized goals and tasks associated with their projects. Transparency is the key to managers being in-the-know without micro-managing. Real-time activity feeds, task completion notifications and ongoing conversations help teams communicate effectively and seamlessly as part of everyday life. Managers comment, encourage and “like” posts when necessary. When it’s time for 1-on-1 meetings, managers have clear insight into all of the activity. Managers wind up with fewer meetings; focusing on progress & improvement rather than “updates of the past.”

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Ongoing Conversations in Align Us come in many forms. They are one-on-one between team members, team or group discussions, and they can be attached to the items being discussed. A discussion about what’s for lunch should not be on the same ‘channel’ as the upcoming website redesign.

With multiple projects going on at the same time, Align Us logically separates conversations to that particular topic. Projects, tasks, pages, and meetings all have built-in discussion boards. Each instance has its living conversation that will always stay with that item. Save valuable time from searching through old emails, folders, and documents to try to piece together conversations from a past project.

Conversations are...

  • Within projects, tasks, pages, meetings
  • In small or large groups chats
  • On a one-on-one basis
  • Easily Searchable with the Powerful OneSearch Feature

News Feed

Like the everyday, popular social media sites Twitter and Facebook, the News Feeds Feature in Align Us keeps everyone in your organization up-to-date on projects, meetings, events, and announcements. One difference; Align Us is entirely private, without all of the external distractions.

Each team member can personalize their feed, choosing to follow the most relevant information. Department and team feeds can be shared, reviewed and saved-for-later, so no one “misses-the-memo.”

We have found that the most effective manager feedback should be timely and frequently. In Align Us, News Feeds keep leaders informed without micro-managing...As managers review the live feeds, they are now fully engaged in EVERY project and can participate when needed. Managers engage, coach, encourage with timely and appropriate communication, without scheduling more “update” meetings. Managers will have fewer meetings and send fewer emails, leaving more time to complete projects.

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Happiness Monitor

Happiness monitor is a fun way to let your team members express a quick anonymous feeling through a simple meter that shows up on everyone’s landing page. If you see some Monday blues, engage your employees, get them excited. If the team is happy – keep doing what you are doing!

High Five

People like to be recognized for great work, and praise can come in many ways. No matter how small, sometimes a simple recognition is all that is needed. Pats on the back, fist bumps, and handshakes are ways to tell someone they are doing a great job. In Align Us, you can give a Big Virtual High Five whenever you want to show someone that you are proud of their efforts or you just want to offer some encouragement.

Surveys & Polls

What’s the best way to know the answer? Sometimes, it’s as simple as asking. Maybe you want feedback from the team about the new blog,  input on a new logo or the team's food preference for Friday lunch and learn. It's easy with Align Us.

Don’t let a simple decision become a complex ordeal. Check the pulse of the organization with the built-in surveys that appear in everyone’s feed. Quickly create a poll about any subject; add questions, multiple choice answers, set a start and end time, and wait for the responses to come in.

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