Meeting Management

Meeting management is an integral part of an organization. Align Us’ Meeting Manager keeps all the necessary information and documents in one place so you can have the most efficient meeting possible. Plan your meeting in a few short and easy steps! Set your goal, add start and end times, invite individuals or groups of people, and add it to the calendar.

  • Take Control: Manage all the necessary information and documents of your meeting.
  • The Right People: Set up a one-on-one meeting, or invite a group or even a team of colleagues.
  • Improve Meetings: Agenda, note keeping, surveying, and evaluating are all part of Align Us meeting management.
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Take Control

Manage all the necessary information and documents of your meeting.

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The Right People

Invite the most important people for the meeting.

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Improve Meetings

Survey and evaluate your meeting's feedback.

Meeting InformationAll In One Place

Take full control of the details associated with your meetings. You will be able to set the goal, agenda, time, date, and even set the meeting location. In addition, you have full control of who you can invite. As an added feature, you are able to view an estimated cost of your meetings.

The agenda allows you to create a list of requirements, provides you with the ability to assign tasks, and allows you to upload pertinent files associated with the meeting. In addition, you can set the agenda and create a list of requirements and tasks that may be necessary for your meetings to be successful.

While in the meeting, have one or more note takers so that the everyone in the meeting is well informed. Keep the conversation going after the meeting through the meeting discussion board.

No meeting is officially over until it has been evaluated. The built-in feedback survey allows everyone a simple way to provide feedback for the team to see.

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One-on-One Meeting

Building relationships between the manager and the team-member is what One-on-One meetings are all about. One of the key components in Align Us is its ability to entertain opportunities to engage with fellow staff members. Using the One-on-One wizard will help you create, facilitate, and follow up with all of your direct reports. The advanced One-on-One Agenda Creator will automatically design an agenda based on the activity, tasks, and goals of each of staff members in the meeting.

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Never Miss a Meeting

Having all of your tools in one spot is a crucial piece to Align Us. As you are working on projects, you will always be reminded of your upcoming meeting through on-screen notifications.

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Read Up on Meetings