A more fun and collaborative work environment.

Customize your profile, create status updates, and follow your peers. Stay current on your organization’s activity in your News Feed. Create events, groups, and pages to facilitate group communication.

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An easier way to view and connect peers.

Search the Directory and view your organization’s connections in org charts. System administrators have access to the organization’s settings, user settings, and system permissions.

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Manage your tasks and projects with ease.

Create tasks and projects that align to the organization’s strategy on a real-time collaborative platform.

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Important files and documents at your fingertips.

Maintain a master catalog of all important organizational documents including strategies, policies, procedures, roadmaps, budgets, calendars, and more. View updates to these documents in real time.

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Let an action plan guide you.

Decide the best way to achieve your organization’s objectives. Follow up with document tracking, key performance indicators, and review tracking.

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