Collaborating with colleagues on a shared document just got easier. With real-time updates, everyone can work on a single document at the same time and see each other's changes as they happen. Assign tasks to your document and tag fellow employees. Documents allow for perfect syncing and are searchable from the OneSearch tool by anyone who has access to the file.

screenshot of a story editor

One of the greatest ways to finish that paper for the upcoming meeting is to get several colleagues working on it at the same time. No more waiting to make the update while your fellow staff member has the document checked out from the network drive. Align Us Documents can be seamlessly maintained by any user that has been granted access all at the same time.


The security of your documents is imperative. All documents can be shared with the entire organization, selected teams, individuals, or marked as private so that only you can view them.

screenshot of how to add Documents
image of a story editor

Creating tasks is simple when working with your document. Just type brackets [ ] and a task will instantly be set up within the document. Feel free to assign the task right there and continue with your writing.