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Helping your fundraiser team sell more efficiently.Save time, paper and raise more funds!

Huge Time Saver

More Efficient Order Processing
Automates Backend Accounting
Live Running Product Counts
No Surprises!

Healthy Competition

Completed Sales Order News Feed Motivates Fundraising Team
That extra effort makes a huge the difference!
More Funds!


Eliminates Paper
Eliminates Printing
Eliminates Waste
Saves Trees!

For the last century, brochure-style fundraising has remained the same. The iFund4.us Tool has improved one major component across all functions of fundraising. We eliminated the manual paper processing and replaced it with an easy-to-use mobile system.

The system is pre-configured and ready for your organization.

Less time processing paper orders & more time in the community!

Whether your fundraiser is selling winter wreaths, t-shirts or holiday cookies, the ready-to-use, time-saver system is simple to use for everyone. The fundraising platform is intended for brochure-style products sales. The typical scenario has the students and parents selling products to family, friends and local neighbors.

  • Consistency and website branding instills legitimacy in the fundraising efforts
  • Mobile-ready on your own private social platform
  • Auto-calculates orders for inventory and incentive accounting
  • Real-time sales news feed keeps the team motivated

Fundraiser Organizers Love the Automation!

The days of organizers trying to transcribe sloppy, crumpled paper forms is finally over. Orders are all electronically submitted by your team.

  • iFund4.us automatically calculates each sale in real-time.
  • No more rush ordering! The organizer has running total and inventory needs.
  • Rewards and the grand prize are auto-calculated.
  • Definitive order counts give peace of mind when ordering.

Order Transparency helps Motivate the team!

  • An ongoing feed of completed sales helps motivate others to start selling.
  • Each fundraiser participant can view sale news feed as donations roll in.
  • Displays type and a total of the number of products sold.
  • Everyone is in the running for the grand prize!

Reward your Team!

Appropriately cool fundraiser awards are key to increased performance. Make it more exciting for the students who are doing the face-to-face selling. We have modeled the process after today’s most popular video games.

  • Fundraisers earn a percentage of goods sold.
  • Win points in the form of dollars.
  • Cash in dollars for goods in the store.
  • Save up all of their earning until the end or use immediately.

Example: For every $75 raised, students earn $5.00 to buy goods from the store.

Align Us has a process in place and will help you choose products to sell.

On-the-fly ordering! Order submittal is easy for students, family, & donors.

  • Each student will present the goods for sale to the potential donors.
  • Once the order is made the donor hands over the check or cash.
  • The student enters the order on their mobile device. Ordering is done.
  • Organizers receive orders as they happen and can start to estimate inventory needs.

How do Organizations Sign Up?

Your organization sign-up is simple & risk-free. No credit card required.

  • Fundraiser administrator signs up creating their secure social platform.
  • The administrator invites other team members to join the private network.
  • The team sets up the fundraiser in a few easy steps.
  • Meet with your fundraiser team of kids and parents to launch your initiative.
  • You have ultimate control over the membership of your social media platform.
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Ready for a smarter way to fundraise for your organization?

The system is free. No Credit Card. No risk. 

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Basic Steps

Align Us will guide you through to make sure your fundraiser is a success.

Decide on Products

The first step is to decide on products or goods to offer to your potential customers. Next, decide on incentive products for the students raising money.

List the Products

Once the products are decided, list them on your site. Quickly list the fundraiser offerings & products for sale to potential donors

Launch & Watch Competition Drive Sales

Fundraiser students & parents process orders on their mobile phone as they happen. Set a custom incentive plan for prizes or use the template provided by Align Us.

Monitor Ongoing Product Sales Reports

Automatically calculates inventory to be ordered and delivered. The final count for prize winners and top fundraisers is obvious. The incentive earned is immediately available to choose reward gifts

What is the process for Students and Parents signing up to fundraise?

It’s easy for Fundraiser Student & Parents to sign up once the organization is created!

  1. Parent or kids go to the custom URL that your organizer has chosen. example: www.iFund4.us/ourfundraiser 
  2. Each family signs up (no email needed). Have a personal account in the private organization.
  3. Visit potential donors to offer products to purchase (printable color brochure included).
  4. Enter sales orders on a mobile device or web connection.
  5. Fundraisers earn incentives and cash them in for cool prizes.
  6. Deliver the goods to the customer.

Is the Site Secure?

Safe & Secure Private Platform for Your Organization

When you create a Fundraiser Organization, you have access to a private and secure social media platform called Align Us. The person who set up the organization has ultimate control of the system and may also designate others with equal rights to manage the Align Us system.

Private Platform Means No Distractions from Outside

  • No advertising, no public access for commenting, no interference.
  • Your data is secure. We do not sell or use your data for any. Period.

Optional Upgrade – Align Us is a Full Suite of Communication & Team Collaboration Tools on a Private Social Media Platform. It is a reasonably priced optional upgrade/add-on to your Free iFund4.us service.

Getting started is easy! No credit card required. No hidden costs or fees.

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