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News Feed

Stay connected with everyone in your organization through the customizable social News Feed. Respond to polls, give a thumbs up on a colleague’s update, and share your comments to stay engaged.


Create a space for people to come together, collaborate, and share ideas. A page is a place where you can keep a group, a team, or the entire organization updated with a specific topic.

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Post updates that keep your colleagues in the know. You can even create a special event for people to RSVP to or prepare a particular poll to get immediate feedback.

Posts can be discussion boards or individual updates. Users can add photos, comments, and even provide a thumbs up.

Questions and Answers

Have you ever had a question for your manager or colleague that you were hoping you could get answered but didn’t have a right place to ask it? Align Us provides just the spot.

For example, if you are a teacher you can post a question to the colleagues in your department. If they don’t answer in your desired time (1 day), then you can automatically have your item sent to the Assistant Principal. If the AP doesn’t provide an answer in your scheduled duration, you can escalate it to the Principal. Bottom line, get answers to your questions.

All questions and answers become part of a much larger database and are searchable for everyone else!

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Have a quick conversation with an individual or a group of people. Converse in instant messaging windows or expand to a full discussion board.

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an image of a user with a chat bubble that says
an image of a user with a chat bubble that says


Plan your meeting in a few short and easy steps! Add attendees and instantly see the estimated cost of the meeting. Distribute your agenda effortlessly through the meeting's discussion board.

  • Manage all the necessary information and documents of your meeting.
  • Send out an invite to individuals requested to be in attendance.
  • Take meeting attendance.
  • Have one or more people keep Meeting Notes so that everyone is clear on what was discussed.
  • Engage in discussion boards before, during, and after the meetings
  • Evaluate your meeting's effectiveness through instant feedback surveys.
screenshots of Meeting card stack options with feedback and a list of meetings with ratings