Align Us Top 10 Enhancement Releases for a More Productive 2018!

Align Us updates in 2017 were marked by the release of tons of exciting features & enhancements. We couldn't possibly mention every new tool because we’d be here all day! So, we put together a top 10 list from our set of productivity tools for a big impact in 2018!

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1. Internal Team Video Calling

No need to buy a 3rd party video conference system. Align Us uses Real Time Communication (RTC), Peer-to-Peer Video Calling which eliminates the in-between server. The result? Crystal clear, no-lag video calling directly from your browser in Align Us.
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2. Email Alert From within Align Us

We are trying to eliminate the need for internal email, but we now have a few more ways to keep your users engaged. You have the option to check a box from an instant message from within Align Us to copy the users' registered email address.

3. Systemwide Workflows

Request approval from team members on an item; a task, or document. Visual approval requests built in. Work smarter with multiple approval levels and automated notifications. Whether you are co-creating documents or working on sensitive projects, automate, perform better with fewer meetings. No more wondering who is holding up the document.

4. Send a High Five

Peer Recognition with a simple “great job high five” goes a long way. Now you can send a Virtual High Five just like an instant message in Align Us.

5. Daily Summary Update Emails

Users can now receive daily summary update emails showing to do-dos at the beginning of the day and to-do(ne) at the end of the day.

6. Combined Notifications & Message Inbox

All messages are in one place! Now, the system notifications will come up in your Message Chat Panel as a Message from Al Linus. Receive notifications about page posts, @mentions, high-fives, and more! Simplicity and efficiency for 2018.

7. My Tasks Tool

Make sure that you keep all of your personal and team tasks aligned. Functionality & efficiency with a quick access toolbar. Add reminders, to-dos, for yourself and others. Keep your own personal journal entries and notes.

8. QuickSend Menu

This shortcut will be one of the most frequently used additions. Save more clicks by selecting the send function from the top toolbar. Quickly send a message, send high-five, post to pages, or use the new workflow feature without navigating to each tool. Send internal Q&A with new questions dialogue.

9. Multiple Account Linking

Along with a right panel redesign, you can now link multiple Align Us Accounts to switch back and forth from one to the other, even with the same email!

10. Handbook Tool

Soon you’ll be able to use the brand new Handbook Tool! Ensure proper distribution and approval of your policies and guidelines. Securely create, distribute, verify, and collect your handbook within Align Us. Departments can collaborate on the most accurate detail.

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